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Press Release

December 2018

FotoFX readies for Santa shots at the NC Zoo, and NC Aquariums!

Premiers new Ark on Ice photo program at the Ark Encounter!

November 2018

FotoFX Thanksgiving Day special seasonal backgrounds a hit at all locations!

June 2018

FotoFX premiers new printer-FXHalo program for Jack Daniel's JDX mobile units

May 2018

FotoFX Runs for the Roses again at the KY derby with Woodford Reserve and Old Forester!

April 2018

FotoFX opens new location at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum in NC!

March 2018

FotoFX opens new 430,000 square foot Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC!

February 2018

FotoFX kicks off another season of racing with Mello Yello, #NHRAmelloyello

December 2017

FotoFX shot Santa?!! Yes, at the North Carolina Zoo.

October-November, 2017

FotoFX winds down the Mello Yello NHRA tour, where Green Means GO!

September 22-24, 2017

Life was beautiful at Life Is Beautiful with Jack Daniel's.

August 3-6, 2017

FotoFX hits the high notes with Jack Daniel's at Lollapalooza.

July 14-16, 2017

Windy City Smokeout in Chicago with Jack Daniel's!

June 2017

FotoFX works with Korbel Champagne at Lake Tahoe Pro Am.

May 5-7, 2017

FotoFX serves Old Forester and Woodford Reserve at the Kentucky Derby.

April 25, 2017 

FotoFX readies for KY Derby!

April 20, 2017

FotoFX teams up with Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart on the Coke 600 Tour!


FotoFX renews it's multi-year agreement with the Battleship NC and adds several new exciting elements including special events and promotions. First up Easter Eggs Hunt at the Battleship!


FotoFX GOES ON YELLO! With Mello YELLO and NHRA for the 2017 NHRA season!


FotoFX and Coca cola team up to refresh fans at the Carolina Panther NFL games. Come see us at the Doghouse


FotoFX opens its largest account at  Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY


FotoFX and RMM open another NHRA season in Pomona, CA, for Mello Yello. Let the fun begin

FotoFX and RMM finish up the NHRA season in Pomona, CA for Mello Yello. Another fantastic series of year long events.

FotoFX finishes the Nationwide tour at the AZ State Fair. A fantastic summer long program.

FotoFX heats it up with Jack Daniel's at the Jack Daniel's World Championship BBQ in Lynchburg, TN

FotoFX and Southern Comfort embark on comedy tour at all Funny or Die tour stops throughout the US.

FotoFX and Coca-Cola team up for events throughout NC, WV, KY and SC serving college campuses.

FotoFX! and Nationwide set up and serve in NY!

FotoFX! helps Nationwide make things safer in CA, and OH!

FotoFX! and Red Moon win by a nose for Old Forester, Jack Daniel's and Woodford Reserve at the KY Derby!

FotoFX! and Jack Daniel's roll into Coachella in CA!

FotoFX! kicks it in gear in LA and KS for El Jimador!

FotoFX! and Red Moon open the new season back up in CA for Mello Yello at NHRA!

FotoFX! and Jack Daniel's rope in the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas!!!!

FotoFX! and El Jimador make the final goal at the MLS Cup in Los Angeles!

FotoFX! and Mello Yello/Red Moon Marketing finish up another successful NHRA season!

FotoFX! teams up with The Marketing Arm and Hilton Honors at Skate America in the Sears Center in Chicago!

FotoFX! kicks off Halloween at the NC Aquariums at Fort Fisher, Pine Knoll Shores and Roanoke Island with new backgrounds and special event support!
FotoFX! is in NH and NYC serving HiltonHonors and Citicorp!

FotoFX! Kicks off pool parties at MGM properties in Las Vegas for El Jimador! Stop in and see us at Excalibur and the Grand!

FotoFX! kicks off another year of NHRA with Mello Yello! Come see us and pick up your free custom photo and send it straight to Facebook! See you at the races!


FotoFX! makes the grand opening in Virginia Beach of Cirquesa Dreamquest!


FotoFX! announces new partnership with the Greensboro Science Center's new SciQuarium!


New long term partner USS Alabama rings anchors a brand new shop opening in Mobile, AL


FotoFX! Starts a new race season at Daytona 500 with Jack Daniel's Experience!!!!


FotoFX! Roars into the NHRA Winternationals with Mello Yello and Partner Red Moon Marketing for 2013!


FotoFX! and Jack Daniel's feed the photo lovers at the JD WOrld Championship BBQ in Lynchburg, TN!


FotoFX! and Red Bull create a sunny day at the LPGA in Prattville, AL!


FotoFX! works with Jack Daniel's at the Sunset Music Fest in Hollywood, CA!


Red Bull and FotoFX! get things revved up at the US Amateur National Motocross Championships!


FotoFX! rocks out Zac Brown in Louisville at the Brown-Forman National Sales meeting!


FotoFX! hit AR for Red Bull at Wal-mart and Wakarusa Music Fest!


FotoFX! and El Jimador mix it up in D.C, Chicago and Dallas!


FotoFX! and Cub Cadet mow down the competition in Cleveland at the Indians and Cav's games!


FotoFX! and Red Bull shoot a hole in one at the AL LPGA!


FotoFX! is set up and shooting at Daytona Bike Week and then off to NASCAR's next stop!


FotoFX! sets up for Red Bull at their movie premier at the Bel Court theater!


FotoFX! in Miami at the Mexico VS Columbia Soccer game with El Jimador!


NBA All-Stars! FotoFX! is hard at work with Gentleman Jack at the NBA  Kenny Smith All Star party Hosted by Mary J. Blige!


FotoFX! Florida bound! FotoFX! travels with Jack Daniel's to the Daytona 500!


FotoFX! hits the street with Southern Comfort for the new album release in NYC for The Black Keys!


FotoFX! Tours with Jack and Zac throughout the U.S. Next stop the CMA Awards in Nashville, TN!


FotoFX! picked to provide photo marketing services with Photo to Smartphone application at Zac Brown Band concerts for Jack Daniel's!


FotoFX chosen to provide greenscreen photographic marketing duties for Major League Soccer, US Soccer and Mexican National Team for the El Jimador sponsorship! First stop Los Angeles, San Diego and Oakland!


FotoFX! provides photo marketing services for the Narnia Exhibition at the Louisville Science Center!


FotoFX renews multi-year agreement with Battleship North Carolina, in Wilmington, NC


Jack Daniel's Visitor Center in Lynchburg, TN welcomes new photo marketing partner: FotoFX!


FotoFX chosen to provide photo services for Star Trek at the Louisville Science Center in Louisville, KY!


FotoFX! to provide exclusive photographic concessions at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach, VA, one of the south's largest and most visited aquariums.


FotoFX! TM  Announces New Partnership at the National Corvette Museum
FotoFX! has signed a multi-year agreement with the Nation's Number One Corvette Attraction in Bowling Green KY. The museum recently opened a beautiful new expansion complete with a 50's style soda pop shop, meeting space and more display space. The custom greenscreen program from FotoFX! provides exciting opportunities for museum guests to be placed in and around their favorite Corvettes in History!


FotoFX! ™ Teams up with Coca-Cola ™ for Summer Fun at Fanta Festival ™ and the Lowes Motor Speedway!

FotoFX! has been chosen to provide photographic services for Coca-Cola for special events this summer. The partnership provided customers of Coke a chance to take home a free memento of their special occasion. “These photos are one of a kind!” one customer exclaimed! The photos had guests standing with NBA players, race car drivers and special Coke backgrounds.


FotoFX! ™ renews and enhances their partnership with the Creation Museum ™ FotoFX! ™ has signed a new multi-year agreement with the Answers In Genesis, the owners of The Creation Museum, in Petersburg, KY, near Cincinnati, Ohio. The Creation Museum is proud to have a Christian owned and operated photographic company operate their photo concession. “There is just a great fit, and I am honored to support the museum in any way possible”, says Dave Tichenor, President of FotoFX! ™. FotoFX! ™ has provided custom greenscreens that delight the guests and give them a great memory that will stay in view at their home or office.


FotoFX! begins a New Year at NASCAR with a new driver and new card scanning technology at the JDX, featuring Casey Mears! Starting at the Bud Shootout and the Daytona 500, FotoFX! will feature a new card scanning process which will provide a faster photographic process on-site, easier picture retrieval online and enhanced tracking capabilities for corporate customers.


FotoFX! introduces 3-D photography at Fort Fisher Aquarium in Kure Beach, NC. The process will enable the FotoFX! staff to place aquarium guests into a three dimensional photograph that is in the words of new customers "absolutely stunning!". FotoFX! plans to install the new 3-D technology at all of it's locations nationally in 2009.


FotoFX! Floats a New Deal With the Battleship North Carolina!

FotoFX starts the new season with a partnership with Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington. The program will provide exciting backgrounds for guests which will place them on the deck of the ship during battles, posing at the bow, next to the Seaplane and with some of the resident ghosts! The results are beautiful and the guests love the fun of creating their own keepsakes!


FotoFX! ™ partners with North Carolina Aquarium Society FotoFX! Digital Memories has signed a multi-year agreement to provide photographic services for the North Carolina Aquarium Society and its three aquariums located at Fort Fisher, NC, Pine Knoll Shores, and Roanoke Island. FotoFX! ™ has been managing the photo services at the aquariums for the last two years. “The new agreement includes marketing benefits and greenscreen capabilities unique to the photographic industry and proprietary technology owned by FotoFX!, which enables us to serve the aquarium customers with the most fun and satisfying experience”, says, Dave Tichenor, President of FotoFX! ™ 12/05/05


FotoFX! ™ partners with Richard Childress Racing Museum ™ FotoFX! has signed a new agreement to provide management of the photo services at RCR’s famous racing museum in Welcome, NC. Greenscreen entrance photography will give the guests a momentous souvenir and a photo with their favorite RCR driver and car.


FotoFX! ™ Hits the Track with JD Racing

FotoFX! ™ announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement to provide photo marketing services for the JD Racing Nextel Cup team. FotoFX! will take greenscreen photos of guests at the racetracks and provide them with an opportunity to go to the website to pick up a free photo of themselves with the driver and car. FotoFX! will then provide real time data collection services for the program.


FotoFX! ™ Purchased By Strategic Alliance Group, LLC. Franklin, Tennessee. SA Group, a provider of strategic marketing partnerships and additional hospitality services for the state of Tennessee, The Greenbrier Resort, the Grove Park Inn, Stone Mountain, Park, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, among others announced its purchase of FotoFX! in a move to further service resorts, historic properties and guest attractions.