Permanent Locations

Special Events

At Permanent Locations we provide everything, turnkey: Photographic and printing equipment, manpower, training, artwork, backdrops, lighting, office and sales equipment. We then pay a fee to the location to sell the Digital Memory Photo to it’s guest. This may take the form of a rental agreement or a per transaction fee.

Special Events: FotoFX! provides a turnkey solution for your special events. We provide a professional photographer and everything needed to provide a special keepsake to your guest. We can also develop a custom website for your guest to log-in to gain a free download of their picture. We will compile all of the data and report it to you in real-time.

This process provides a superb service for generating new leads or to communicate to customers.


FotoFX! provides a service to property's that creates a memorable keepsake for its guests, a vehicle for promotion of upcoming events, season ticket sales, groups, donations, club memberships and affinity programs.

Our services fall into two main categories: Permanent Locations and Special Events